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Melissa Peck is a lifelong volunteer, military spouse for over 20 years, and a community organizer. As a graduate student in Library & Information Sciences, she values informed decision-making and innovative community-first solutions.

Melissa is running for Virginia Beach City Council to guarantee better local community representation for the Kempsville area and its surrounding neighborhoods. As a mother of four school-aged children, Melissa will advocate for improvements in Virginia Beach ensuring the next generation will want to remain.    



We must ensure a safe, healthy community for all to enjoy. Our city workers and first responders need to be able to afford to live in Virginia Beach, our teachers need to be compensated on par with neighboring cities.


Coastal resilience and local flood mitigation must be at the forefront of our planning and decision-making. We cannot prioritize development at the expense of our currentresidents' well-being.


A diverse economy is a stable economy. Let's work together to provideeconomic opportunities beyond the resort area. Innovative solutions are needed to attract new businesses and younger generations of talent.


Virginia Beach is known for its excellent public school system. We need to fully fund our public schools and improve teacher recruitment and retention. Additionally, we need to replace our aging school buildings.

Backyard Hens

Food independence is more important now than ever. Allowing residents to maintain a limited number of backyard hens is wanted by many and can help alleviate family food costs.

Voting Rights

Voting rights are on the ballot this year. Our city's former at-large voting system for local elections allowed special interests far too much power over who we elected. Let's work together to maintain the new 10-district voting structure.

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